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in the interior of my armada i like to keep everything looking stock with surprises. But on the exterior i want something that people would notice. so i'm searching for some rims/wheels i wanted to know what is the largest size rim that could fit on the armada. 22'',24'',26''.... Does anyone know about this? That would greatly help
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gram said:
in the interior of my armada i like to keep everything looking stock with surprises. But on the exterior i want something that people would notice. so i'm searching for some rims/wheels i wanted to know what is the largest size rim that could fit on the armada. 22'',24'',26''.... Does anyone know about this? That would greatly help
Everyone notices my 20s. Larger ain't bigger. Its just more expensive and you won't get any more noticed or respect. You will however ruin your acceleration, handling, towing, off road capabilities, and blow about an extra 10 grand over 20s, that could be used for something that would get you noticed like a supercharger, etc. I've seen 28s. They were mocking them over on a titan site. Didn't see a single positive post. It really puts you into a small minority of people who think its "tight". Most think your just dumb. Personally, I think rims over 22" are obnoxious and a Fad, just like spinners, double wings on civics, etc. They will last 10 minutes of coolness, kill the resale value of the truck, and be a waste of cash as you will get rid of them within a couple years.

You asked.
The guy with the 27" rims for $10k he put on doesn't post anymore. I know they cost $10k because he boasted about it right off the bat.
Never slammed 22" I said OVER 22". 22" is a little big for me, but still within reason. Minor losses in performance. Larger than that get a little wacky.

DUB designers should be staked out naked on ant hills and covered with honey. But that's me. Not much more taste than speedos on a fat guy.

The notion that rubber looks bad is just ridiculous. They want as much metal because.............. No reason. Originally, larger rims were selected not for looks, but to improve handling. 15-17" rims were a little tippy in corners with junky tall tires. Guess people forgot that. Now its style driven, not performance. Personally, I hate the look of my 20s. I only have them to allow me the outer dimensions of my tires. They don't make 305-60-18s. Less rubber means rougher ride, and after a point, worse handling, etc.

The Mercedes. like most SUVs these days, is a car. It ain't an SUV. Similar to an RX300. Not an SUV. Nissan's version is the FX45. These are 4wd cars with higher centers of gravity made for driving in urban settings. I wish they would get their own term instead of stealing SUV from SUVs. Maybe soccer mom grocery getter? They really are the modern versions of the station wagon along with the minivan.

DUB sucks. I hate them. Yes HATE. So don't tell me not to be Hate'n. I hate that. People seem to forget that hating something isn't illegal, morally incorrect, etc. Its perfectly fine. It shows a complete disagreement with a position, view, etc. It also is positive in many ways. It can cause people to act to change what they hate. In this case, the notion that large rims are good or even look good. It will die its death soon enough, just like DOPI is, and the IROC rejects did, giant clocks on neck chains, etc. Just a matter of time. Good taste endures. Junk rots. PS I hate baggie jeans also. ;)
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Flame on!

Hecdog, DUBS is a periodical. I hate the magazine called DUBS and everything associated with it. 22" wheels are pushing it but OK on a full size SUV. On other vehicles, riduculous. Greater than 22", in other words 24" and larger wheels, are obnoxious and done mostly for self promotion. I don't see any mixed message, etc. DUBS isn't a definition of a specific wheel size. Its Dumb Urban BS. I picked my side long ago. If you are street only, 22" is pushing it, but will work. Greater is just getting crazy. If you do any towing or anything the SU stands for in SUV, 20" is pushing it.

I want a tire that is 33.2" in diameter, 12.2" tall. The toyo you were looking at is 1" too tall and wouldn't fit without a lift, which wasn't available when I upgraded.

Thanks for not saying stop hating. I've gotten that before and it was a preemptive strike. Now I can copy paste it so I don't have to retype it everytime some PC BS artist tells me to stop hatin'.

I spent $2200 on 20" rims and get as much "sweat" as the next guy. Don't really care. I got them for performance in off road and snow. Personally, I'd rather have the stock ones as they attract less law enforcement attention but as I said, I can't get a good all terrain tire to fit on the stock 18" rims.

However, help may be on the way for others. Bridgestone announced they will begin making the dueler revos in stock Mada/Titan sizes by next summer. As for me, now that I have 20" rims, more importantly, 9" wide rims, I will stick with 20s. Eventually, I'll probably have 35" with a lift.

In the meantime, keep your 28" rims, baggie pants, and sideways hats away from me. ;)
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paramedico said:
92 triple see this guys profile? 1998 posts!!!!!!!!!!! Borders a bit on the obsessive don't you think? Lets say each post takes him five minutes.....that's over a week of his life in front of his computer just posting to this site. Some friendly advice sir; get off your a$$, go outside, and polish your twenty inch rims. Hell, just go outside, see the sun and recharge your melanocytes (your probably a bit pastey from all that posting (pardon the alliteration)).
And? :confused:
SilverQShip said:
FYI you guys arent gonna win this arguement, lol. The only arguement TB has lost on a forum was at titan talk and that was about americans cars vs import/japanese cars. Also I agree with both sides but if your looking for "Bling" look w/o sacraficing offroad performance and towing capacity then 20's are the perfect compromise for that person. Personally i dont see anything wrong with having big wheels i just cant stand lowered trucks its stupid pointless and plain looks bad. :noworries
Only because I gave up. I'm still correct. I agree about the lowered trucks. Again, its just trying to morph a truck into a van. Just get a van.
brysig228 said:
this shouldn't even be an argument. if some peep likes big wheels or small wheels so what? what if a person don't go offroading or towing anything does that mean they are stupid or crazy for getting them? what's annoying is when someone said something about big rims and peeps start calling them crazy, stupid, or obnoxious. i think it's the other way around. why can't you just respect their decision if they like bigger rims? better yet if you don't have anything nice to say just don't say it at all.

now if they as for an advice just tell them the pros and cons on big rims. no need for name calling or things like that.. we are all adults here lets act like one. peace out..
The stupid part is the ignorance that people have with thinking others don't find big rims obnoxious, doppey looking, etc. Kinda like a fat guy strutting around in a speedo. Why respect poor decision making?
Armada_24s said:
Thats TB for you... Everyone on this forum will one day run into him...

You know what I hate though people with liftted trucks and suvs that dont do anything more then I do. Just use it for everyday use. Never even seen the dirt, no that I think is real bad, maybe even worst... Thats just me though... I got my 24's and I like them I dont care what people say and no I didnt spend 10 g's on them either...
I use mine off road. If you don't why buy an SUV? :confused:
We used to make fun of people who didn't use them off road. They started becoming popular because scared housewives wanted to sit up higher and have a more intimidating looking vehicle so people would move out of their way. Now its just normal not too. Guess gas price increases will weed them out soon enough. :bonvoyage
ockevin said:
Wheels are wheels, who cares.

Its not about how much money you spent, its what you personally like

I dont care what others say, I dont tow, go offroading in my 24's. I put on the stock rims 17 " to do that. I dont wear baggy pants, or my hat to the side. I didnt even spend $2200 on my rims , spent less.
$2200 for rims and tires. ;)
SilverQShip said:
I might be offroading& towing soon but 90% of my driving is on the street. I personally am looking for the perfect compromise between street and offroad performance. O yea does anyone know if our vehicles can out perform an lx470 or Lc on the rough stuff?
Precisely why I bought the rim/tire combo I have. The LX470 will spank us off road if both are stock simply because it is a smaller vehicle. Larger hurts off road. Get a 2" lift and A/T tires and you'll leave him in the dust. ;)
Hecdog said:
You guys all sound reasonable and fair. I noticed that TB was particularly jaded and didn't offer a useful assesment about DUBs and size limits for the Armada, which is what the original poster was looking for. Instead, TB hijacked the thread and turned it into a "I hate DUBs (except the ones on my truck)" thread. It's not helpful, unless you wanna add to your post count. And a word about that, it is freakin HARD to get that kinda post count on this forum, because it isn't a very active forum. So props to TB for working really hard at wasting so much etime.
I hate DUBS. I have posted helpful stuff on all tire sizes. Probably more than everyone else combined. Do a search. Stop wasting my Etime. :rolleyes:
brysig228 said:
:confused: was there any good tires available for 18s? why waste money to buy the 20s and just don't like them. it just don't make sence. but hey that's ok if that makes you partially happy i don't really care. besides it's not my money anyway :D . i'm just wondering no pun intended.
No. No good 18s. Still no good 18s at all on the market. Yes, I hate my own rims also. I only got them so I could get the tires I have.
Feel free to urinate on them at the mall. ;)
If they made the same tires with the same outer dimensons (diameter and width) but in 18s, I would still be on stock rims.
armagdn said:
just beacuse i have a big truck im suppose to get it lifted and put on small wheels big tires?

i dont go offroading or pull anything yet. i purchased an armada beacuse it was affordable and interior was roomy, i use my truck to travel everyday drive with my 3 kids and wife, so for all you people that are hating on big wheels and lowered trucks i hate lifted truck that are not even 4wheel drive
i hate small wheels on big trucks looks ugly, might as well stay with the stock 18" then spend what 2,200 for 2 more inches lol
why dont you do what you like to your
and leave as that.

thats why so many peoples cars get keyed so many haters, haters deserve there cars to get keyed :mad:
Hate Hate Hate. I spent the money for the tires. Learn to read. I don't like my own rims. Someday, maybe, there will be a vialble off road 18". Most are 16" or 20" right now. Your wheels are ugly but you do have a good system. :191:
Mary said:
No scared housewife here. Uh, uh, no way, no how! The reason I own an SUV is because there isn't a mini van out there to fit my large family(6 lovely kiddos). Do I off road, no, do I make the occasional curb check, yes, will I ever go back to a mini van, NO.

I like the large suv's.
My oldest son is flying the coup this summer, so I will be trading my suburban in for an Armada (hopefully). Will I off-road in it? No. Will I change tire size? No. Will I be a scared housewife? NO.
I will be having fun with the kiddos riding around in my new bling, bling SUV/van. (I'll be purchasing the 2x4)
Yeah, large SUVS pretty much have replaced the full size van also haven't they. Guess you don't get snow in AL either. The "used" to make fun rule is just that, old. I don't do it anymore because I realize the large van and station wagon aren't viable options any more. Car makers pretty much abandoned the full size van for retail use and now only have them for commercial vehicles. We "used" to make fun of the housewife thing back in the 80s when these options were out there. There were even news reports, surveys, etc. about the SUV phenomenon taking off.

Back then, women driving them were a rarity as they were pretty harsh and not comfy vehicles with solid axels, vynal seats, etc. Then, most housewives interviewed responded they purchased them because it gave them a sense of "power" on the road. "People just move out of my way" syndrome. That is why we made fun of them back then.

Now, there are so many on the road, and so little other options, they are quickly becoming cars and not SUVs. Sorry if that didn't come off the way I meant it. :damn:
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Here's what a few contemporary Titan owners are saying. Pretty much in the big wheels suck camp. ;)
Nav400 said:
Almost as ignorant as someone telling me what I can do with my $40k vehicle.

My wife still thinks that every guy out driving a Corvette has a mullet, but I guess lots of people think lots of different things....

You can do anything you like with your vehicle. I never told anyone they couldn't. To think I could would be ignorant. However, I do reserve the right to criticize though, which is obnoxious. BTW, I had a mullet. But that was because I was a hockey goalie, not because I drove a Vette. Don't be hatin' mullets. :teeth:
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Hecdog said:
Indeed you have. That just makes you a bigger loser than everyone else combined. Get a life. Stop spending so much time on this forum. You're just a post-whore yearning for some eFriends and eAttention. There's nothing you can say to change that.

And who cares what your Titan friends think? seriously. You seem to look up to them like that little kid that no one picks for the baseball team.

I can post numerous links pointing to pro-DUB sites. But who cares?

For the record, my Armada has stock wheels and I don't care to spend money on wheels. I'm open to the possibility, however. I just don't go around injecting my obnoxious opinion upon others.

Seriously TB, get a life. Take it easy and smoke some doobie, you mullet-wearing eLoser; no offense. :moon:
Lets see, I've kept it completely to wheels. I've commented indirectly about psychology, my opinions, etc. I haven't attacked anyone directly......yet.

Second, I don't see how posting numerous times is a problem or even of your concern. Don't like it? Leave. We don't need people who attack others here.

Third, you'll find that everything I've posted is a rehash. Guess you're too new to have seen some of the older posts. Search is available.

Forth, I really don't care what you think. If you don't like it, don't read it.

Fifth, I posted the titan guys to show you there are
1. others out there that agree
2. I'm not in the minority on this. Far from it if you look at the general public
3. I'm also a very popular poster over there. Guess you'll tell me I post to much there now.
4. Look up to them? Now you're talking out of your :moon: I have the same outspoken voice there as well as other forums of interest. I do respect them as much as they respect me, just like here.
5. Having other DUB owners say they like DUBS is like providing evidence that people should love little kids and then posting a NAMBLA site as proof. The majority of the public thinks large rims are dopey but not worth bothering about.

Sixth, the majority of my posts are to help people with problems. I help out everyone, regardless of wheel size. Good luck getting any help from me now though. ;)

Seventh, I have stated over and over, I post my opinion if asked, sometimes if not. I would expect the same. Don't like vettes, 20" wheels, etc. Fine, comment away. I don't care. But attacking someone personally, isn't in the program.

And EIghth, I love this stuff. Again, since you probably haven't read anything on here, I'm from NYC. :rolleyes:
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Mary said:
Hey TB, I'm not offended by the "scared housewife" comment. Just pointing out that the "today" housewife has been enlightened.

Well, at least I have been. I love my SUV/Van. Lets go VROOM!
I agree and thank you for adding this. This was yesteryear I was commenting on and I'm happy things have changed. I appreciate the offer, but sorry, I already have someone VROOMing me. (Just a joke :D ) ;)
Mary said:
what does DUB mean?
I believe it is urban slang for 20" rim but can be applied to oversized wheels usually chrome. I have other interpretations I choose to keep to myself. ;)
Armada said:
TB's comments have been directed to the issue and not to individuals. I can't find a single post on this thread where he has attacked anyone by name or in such a pointed manner as to single out any poster.

He has expressed his opinion on the subject. He has used general examples. Yet, many here have undertaken to attack him personally for his opinions. Not THAT IS WHAT I THINK IS OBNOXIOUS.

We can have a good open discussion with widely differing opinions without personalizing it. Can't we? Don't attack the messenger because you don't like the message.

I will admit that my view is closer to his than those of you that perfer 22's and higher. But I have not personally attacked anyone and neither has he.
Thanks Armada. ;)
Armada said:
Please forgive my ignorance about some of the acronyms. What is "ORW"?
I think its Off Road Wheels edition. The answer is it is one of the most popular packages Nissan offers. There are also many TV shows and far more magazines that have been published for more than a year devoted to off-roading. :rolleyes:
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