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where is the keyless entry antennea?

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I can't get to my service manual so can someone tell me where the antennea for the keyless entry is on the 04? I ran a ground wire from a bolt directly under the radio and now my remotes range suck. I have to be within about 10' for it to work. I don't know if it's a coincident or if somewhere along the way I screwed the pooch. Previously my remote would work practically across a parking lot.
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You sure the battery in your remote isn't near death?
No, but if it is the other remote that doesn't get used much has the exact same life span as they are both acting the same way.
This is all I could find.


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Figured it out. I had ran a 12ga power wire throught the firewall. There is a gromet located in the upper right hand side of the passenger floor. I guess it caused some interference because after I pulled the wire out it's working fine now.
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