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Echoing and amplifying some of what has already been said...

The computer primarily adjusts timing to keep the engine from knocking ... which is primarily a function of octane. On an older pre-computer motor, your timing is mechanically controlled, so you set it based on the type of fuel and conditions in which you were running. You can safely put any type of pump gas in your Armada and the engine will automatically adjust for the fuel, driving conditions, altitude, etc.

That said, because you can dial in a little more advance with a higher octane fuel, you should get better performance running the premium fuel...might be a consideration if you are doing towing. On my non-turbo Volvo, I run premium, because losing any of the 162hp really impacts performance. For the Armada, where you already have more than enough power, the price difference and the Armada's mid-teen's gas mileage should make regular unleaded your usual choice.

In regard to the Infiniti 91 octane recommendation, it's tuned to provide another 10hp and 5 ft-lbs of torque. It could be that these figures are only reached running the higher octane fuel, but again, the computer allows the motor to still run fine on 87 octane. But if you're paying the extra $$$ for the QX, maybe the additional coin at the pump doesn't make a difference to you.

Pardon the long post.

1 - 1 of 36 Posts
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