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Which Tire Rotation Pattern Should I Use?

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My 04 Armada LE is 4WD and still have original tires. According to TireSafety I have a couple of options for tire rotation:

(Option 1) 4-Wheel Drive 4-Tire Cross Rotation
Vehicles equipped with permanent 4-Wheel Drive and those with "on Command" 4-Wheel Drive and driven mainly in 4-Wheel mode, are best suited to a four tire cross rotation. With this pattern, tires from both axles are crossed and installed on the opposing axle.

(Option 2) Straight Rotation
Straight Rotation was developed in the early years of radial tires. This rotation method simply replaces the front to rear and rear to front.

Any suggestion as to which option?

Thanks -- Henry
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#2. This is what Nissan states in the Owner's Manual. You don't use the spare because it doesn't have a pressure sensor installed (normally), so you get a low tire warning if you use the spare.
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