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So I was wondering who has the most miles on their Armada, check in with your high mileage...

Im not in the running but my mileage is 87k


So who is it?
It might be Me! I had a 2007 Armada SE that I bought used in 2016 with a little over 180,000 miles on it....sold it in 2019 with over 335,000+ miles in it and I only sold it because it would leak really bad while driving in heavy rain....then I bought and still own a 2012 Armada SL that had a little over 180,000 miles on it, too. It currently has just over 306,000 miles and hasn't missed a beat as my daily Uber vehicle for the last 2 yrs or more!
I'm going to buy another Armada or a 2012 to 2016 Infiniti QX model real soon....still trying to get use to that newer body style...outer appearance is bit uggg to Me, but that interior is the Bomb! I just wish they'd make the 2nd row seats able to slide back 3 inches when U have the 3rd row empty and up. That would be Soooo sweet!
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