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Windshield distortion

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Has anyone else had any problems with windshield distortion (doubling of vision in upper and sides of windshield. lights at night doubled). Either on replacement Carlex glass or the original glass in the 2005 Armada.

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window distortion

Funny, I was just doing double takes in the '05 Armada I am driving. It is a loaner but I noticed it along the passenger side of the windshield. It could be other places on the windshield but that was the only place I was looking when I was at a stop light. I'll be sure to check my Armada . . . . if I ever get it back from the dealer (they have had it for almost 2 wks now).
Mine too

Just glad to see its not just mine.
I am having exactly the same problem primarialy in the 6 inches below the tint line on the glass. I am a pretty big guy so my eye level is pretty high. Double vision is causing a lot of fatigue diiving at night.
Follow up

I contacted Nissan today after I was convinced my dealer wasn't going to and the Nissan rep jumped all over the problem and basically promised me a new windsheild by the end of the week. They even suggested I avoid driving at night until it was replaced (gives me the impression they know about the problem). Too bad it's winter and dark at 5PM though.

I'll report back on how long it takes to actually get a new bug stopper.
Overly Optimistic

Well its Thursday and NO action, contacted Nissan again and the area rep said that I would have to take the truck back to the dealer and show them the problem. So I did but the service manager that happened to still be there after 5 (problem only visible after dark with distant light lights) couldn't really see is since he wears bifocals. We looked at another '05 and it was doing exactly the same thing so this apparently isn't an isolated instance. Nissan tech support is maintaining that they have never heard of this problem so anyone out their having the same issue please report it to nissan. Last this I want is to rip out a windshield only to replace it with the same defect so guess I'm dealing with it for now. :pullout:
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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