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Buy an Armada again?

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  • no

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would you buy another armada or nissan product??

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I would love to buy an 06 armada. Like the appearance, size, power, options, interior, but when i see the list of problems posted from little to big, and the hassle with dealers fixing the problems quickly the first time, I am reluctent to buy one.
Have a lincoln, corvette and toyota now with no problems. Dealers have always given these cars superb service.
It just seems to me that although the Armada is really cool, that the truck and Nissan have developed a bad reputation based on what i have read on this forum.
Would appreciate your comments. thank you
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thank you for your posts

You all really put your Armada experiences in perspective for me.
I am heading out today to test drive an Armada. Already picked out the color and model etc. With your encouragement I will probably buy. Will let you know. Vindicator :)
1 - 2 of 39 Posts
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