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Wow! Finally, an SUV in the driveway!

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Hey guys! I've been ::lurking:: for a couple days, surfing different areas of this forum, checking up on possible mods and learning about the car overall.

Today is the day I bust out of silence and introduce myself and the new addition to the family! I'm home for winter break from University and was shown the Armada my parents had found possibly for the family. After a week or so they [the dealership] accepted our offer of 25,500 for an 05 SE 4x4, Silver with practically no options and 12xxx miles.

At first I wasn't too keen on a JDM (not that there is anything wrong w/ Japanese made cars) because I was so 'caught up' in handling. However, after driving the no0b to and from the mountain I am quite fond of it. This is our first SUV and the Armada joined our fleet of newer and older BMWs (remember how I am a 'handling' freak? well now you know why ;) ) I have to say, so good so far! 4.4/4.6 X5 would have been a nice addition, however You really can't beat this trucks size/space/tow capacity!

I am an active member on (for 99-05 3-series) so this modding and public forum schindig is nothing new! From all the posts/threads that I have read so far have been very informative with no immature bickering or insulting that I am oh-so-used to on e46.
I can't wait to explore the possibilities made available by this car, I'm just excited I have a car to go up to the mountain with now!

Anyways! Stick with me if I have some n00b questions as not am I only new to Nissan, I'm an SUV virgin too! Hope to see everyone around the forum..damn mod bug!

::attached is the new-to-us car, family garage, and my baby::

~Amber the avid BMW and now Armada fan
Portland, Ore


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