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Ymryl said:
I have to be honest, I owned a 2003 4-Runner V8 Sport and it was way nicer than the new Pathfinders. The entire vehicle is more refined, from the silky smoothness of the engine and transmission to the electronic climate control (I am still absolutely amazed that Nissan is going with a 90's style knob control for heat/ac - even my $23,000 Honda accord has electronic climate control. It amazes me that Nissan doesn't offer it. What is even more amazing is that the Infinity's share the same system.). I'm not bashing the Pathfinder's, I think they are kinda cool looking - but - the 4-Runners are much much nicer for the money.
The PF has auto climate as an option. The 4runner is nice....for about $4-5000 more.
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