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Just got the car back from service department and on the way home i hit some traffic on a part of the bridge. I weave in and out of lanes and when i get ahead of "the rolling road block" i give the Q 80% throttle and the car takes my smoothly and quickly up to 115.I slow down to 90 and this Bmw X5(3.0) flashes his lights at me so i politely move to the right to let him pass. But no he has to be a real jerk off and starts taunting me up hit in the gas and releasing and hitting it again. So im just annoyed and decide to flex some muscle so i give her 80% throttle again and im off, 100, 110, 115. I dust him to 115 but hes on my next to me again so this time i decide to test the truck and put my foot down again(80% throttle) so at 120 the car isnt goin any faster so i think "hmm odd" and floor it. I just floored and the car fails to react and im stuck at 120 with my foot welded. I was really pissed off (laughed gave me the finger and took off. Last time i raced a x5 (4.4) the Q got up to 130 with a bit of trouble, but it got up to 130 at least this time the car was not going faster than 120. I have a feeling that service dep might have done something. Anyone know where to go to get a speed limiter taken off?
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The tires are not rated for that speed. There is a guy in Ft Myers, Proautoman is his sig on titantalk, how does ecu mods. He may be able to lift the limiter with an ecu mod. Its something like $420 but it also enhances performance and can be updated for free as you continue to mod. Several Titantalk guys have had good results. If you do this, get better tires, V rated at least. The Mada/QX isn't designed for these speeds. The Bimmer is designed for autobahn use, very different. You don't want to blow a tire at speed in a large SUV. There's a video of a suburban doing this. They guy was going about 110 and lost it. Fatality. He ended up being flung from the cabin and the burban rolled over him. Bad news. I have no problem going fast. I've broken 160 in the vette and cruised for a couple hours at over 120 but I don't generally break 95 in the mada. No nead. Its not meant to be a top speed monster. Next time I'd just rip the guys up at the lights. ;)
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