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Here's why I picked the Armada over these three domestic models.

Everything just fits tighter. The domestic brands don't have the same tolerances. I've had a Tahoe and expedition. They rattle- sometimes when new.

Like the double wishbone suspension. Handles buckles potholes etc like they're not there. Ride is significantly better.

Like the better ground clearance.

Gotta believe the off road capabilities are better since this is based on the Patrol.

Interior is awesome even though it's been around for a few years.

Bench in the 2nd row even on platinums.

Significantly better value than competition when comparing price and features.

More horsepower then the competition except the Denali 6.2L.

Looks grow on you. Especially the side profile. Not like every other SUV on the road.

My wife likes it. Lol

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